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UFC 202 Live: Alvarez talks Diaz vs McGregor 2
11.08.2016 18:40

As far back as tapping out to UFC 202 Live a second-round back revealed mute from Nate Diaz at UFC 196 back in Spring, McGregor has been centered around the rematch and no else. It's a touch of the motivation driving why McGregor hasn't tended to his future after UFC 202 is over in light of the way that he's exclusively in view of beating Diaz and can't push over much else. I haven't all things considered examined it to anybody about what's next. Who comprehends what's next?," McGregor said when visiting on the UFC 202 media telephone call. UFC president Dana White has imparted that win, lose or draw, McGregor's next battle ought to happen in the featherweight division where paying little respect to all that he stays as champion in the wake of hammering out Jose Aldo last December with an unpleasant 13-second wrap up. McGregor hasn't secured the belt yet, yet it appeared like an immaculate set up for him to confront the champ of the Jose Aldo-Frankie Edgar rematch after UFC 200 was closed. 

Event Date: Saturday, Aug 20, 2016 

Where Place On : Las Vegas, Nevada 

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To hear McGregor let it know, he's not set up to focus on that alternative just yet, yet he likewise surrenders he found enjoy seeing Aldo recover the between time featherweight title with a win over Edgar. Obviously, McGregor besides reviews the year-long running loathsome dream to drive his first battle with Aldo, which was finally killed after the Brazilian pulled of the session in perspective of fiendishness. When they at long last met, McGregor required one and just punch to put Aldo to trust the jury to decide wisely, he's not discounting a rematch now that the past champion has the between time belt back around his gut. "To see Aldo return and win that battle against Frankie, I was peppy for Aldo," McGregor cleared up. "When you see a tried and true champion get beat down that way, the way I beat him out. I said it then, I felt frustrated about him a slight piece. By then on top of that Frankie's social affair, they were all talking (expansion) – that fat mentor who holds gloves, he was jabbering. Despite all that he talking (commitment). 

"That is the reason I was there (at UFC 200), I anticipated that would see, on the off chance that this (yell) moves beyond this and can do what he's saying, admirably then it's on. For the present, Aldo's taken that belt once more. I was needed to battle Aldo consistently. We had a two-year media run, I contributed such a remarkable measure of imperativeness with that man and a while later he hauled out. By then we at long last got into it and it took me one shot to the crown to complete his lights off." There has been a ton of speculation that if McGregor beats Diaz in the rematch at UFC 202 it could set up a to an extraordinary degree lucrative course of action of three battle between the two enemies. McGregor knows he'll as time goes on meet Diaz again for a third battle, however when that session would happen remains a puzzle. 

"100-percent," McGregor said as to a game plan of three session with Diaz after UFC 202 Live Stream. "Unmistakably. Possibly not straightaway, but rather clearly this will be a course of action of three battle. "Me and the youngster have something, and it ain't completed yet. A win at UFC 202 could also set McGregor versus Diaz 2 Live Stream again into position to challenge for the lightweight title, which he should battle for back at UFC 196 going before then-champion Rafael dos Anjos drove forward through a harm. Current champion Eddie Alvarez has voiced his slant uproariously that he would love to battle the victor of McGregor versus Diaz 2, so it's not an inescapable result that a win for the Irishman will in this way mean an arrival to featherweight. "I don't see what I'm supposing about. Starting now, I'm set up for a war and that is it. Fifteen days out, we ought to (swearword) bring it," McGregor said. "He's been looking at full camp changed things. "I've as of late had ten days to get readied, in the event that I had a full camp he wouldn't be able to hit me." Well we should see what that is about, we should see what all that is about." 

Reliably, maker Brett Okamoto gives his interpretation of the most sizzling centers in the area of blended hand to hand doing combating. This week, Okamoto talks with current UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. A past Bellator MMA champion, Alvarez (28-4), 31, pounded Rafael dos Anjos by first-round Technical knockout in July to catch his first UFC title. Eddie Alvarez: I think Conor gets leveled once more. He's going to lurch over his own particular shoelaces as he did the last battle. I feel like Nate does in like way to him, puts him away the same sort of way. The reason I think as much is I don't think Conor has moved enough out upgrades. I watched a touch of the stuff he has put on the web, some short recordings, and that was all I foreseen that would see. Undoubtedly he's drawing in precisely the same. He didn't make. He feels he has the right style and all he needs is better trim … I can't avoid contradicting this thought. So I think he loses once more. 

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Brett Okamoto: I'll have a figure masterminded one week from now's UFC 202 Picks piece. Meanwhile, I'll yield I don't completely co-sign Alvarez's choice of McGregor. I trust there's solid certification he has made congruities. He has adjusted a camp particular to Diaz (something he hasn't done some time as of late). He has surrendered a portion of the (no doubt pointless) cardio techniques he has utilized as a part of the past for a more exploratory framework. He's working by and by with nutritionist George Lockhart and will do in that limit past what numerous would consider conceivable up to the battle, which he didn't do in Spring. He has dependably trusted he's superior to anything Diaz, so he was never attempting to reevaluate anything – OK tune. Whether he has done what's required of that (and whether he can avoid old affinities once the battle begins), we'll see. 

Alvarez: I like that battle. I think Dan has more than earned his keep in this preoccupation. Any unbelievable that happens to Dan Henderson is legitimized, in light of the way that this individual has put his time in. The thing is, the time when we're looking, it's difficult to say they're truly subjective. No. 1 doesn't generally should be there. So it's difficult to say one individual merits a shot over another in light of these subjective rankings. I simply feel like you make the most ideal battles and now, that is the most ideal battle. To say that Dan Henderson doesn't legitimize something, paying little personality to what it is, appears, from every angle, to be insane to me. I give him a huge chance against Bisping. Moreover, Bisping couldn't watch over me. He has got something against me, so I genuinely trust Dan pounds him out. 

Okamoto: I certainly don't love it. I truly don't abhor it either, notwithstanding in the event that I need to pick a side, I figure I'm more "despise" than "adoration" on this one. Call me old – title shots ought to be built up on validness, not storylines. Attempt not to confound me, this is an exceptional storyline. Not just do you have Henderson, at 45, getting one last break at the belt he has never won. You get their UFC 100 history added to it. In UFC 202 Live Stream extension, the truth it's Bisping in Manchester? Likewise, Hendo saying he'll leave, win McGregor vs Diaz 2 Live Stream or lose? It doesn't indicate change than that. Regardless, I can't move past substitute contenders of this division who are so unmistakably more advocating a shot than Henderson. I truly don't concur with the message this sends to some individual like Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza. Clarifications of disillusionment for being a buzzkill on this one, yet I'm against it.



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